Scandinavian Embellishment at Home in Northfield

The Norwegian painting tradition of Rosemaling is a perfect fit in the Northfield community, home to St. Olaf College and the beloved Ole Store Cafe, among others. Careful Painting first practiced the technique back in March, with crew member Jolene Robertson painting a chair for display at the local Home and Garden Show. Since that time, Jolene has used Rosemaling at home to embellish a table, but is now taking it to the next level by decorating a home with the fanciful swirls and strokes.

Ann Larson and Bruce Anderson’s Northfield home — on St. Olaf Avenue, nonetheless — was due for some touch-up work, which is where Careful Painting came in. After talking with owner Mark Lange, the couple agreed to embellish their front porch with Rosemaling, so Jolene and fellow employee Cassy Simon immediately began sketching out ideas. Jolene started painting this morning, using four different exterior colors from Young’s Paint Center in Dundas. The design features various flowers and swirls to add a bit of decorative whimsy to the home. Both Jolene and Cassy have studied fine arts, Jolene graduating from theĀ U of M and Cassy fromĀ UW-River Falls.