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Water Damaged Ceiling in Cannon Falls

Bill Bremer and Dan Boykin called me to touch-up some water stains on the ceiling of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Cannon Falls last week. The church was built in 1866.

There is a rope hanging from the ceiling that they still use to ring the bell. Interestingly, the rope came out of a metal tube in the ceiling. I suppose the tube is there so that the rope doesn’t catch on anything.Well, when the wind blows from the right direction, water will travel down the rope and stain the ceiling and walls.

After protecting the carpet and adjacent walls, I scaled a 20 ft ladder and sealed the damage with fast drying oil primer. After allowing the primer to dry I was able to touch-up using some of the original paint from the last time the church was painted. ¬†Hopefully the wind won’t blow that way again for a long while!

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