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Summer — A Time for Renewal

The Northfield home of Susan Dunhaupt and Dick Brown is looking refreshingly lighter these days as the Careful Painting crew nears completion on the exterior project. The couple had decided to give the home a facelift some time ago, and began the transformation by painting the porch, but then called upon Mark and his crew to finish the job.
I met with Susan to match up the color they had chosen with a durable exterior paint, and then helped select a red to accent the roof and a cream for the trim. The new light yellow complements the home’s red roof nicely, and is a refreshing change from the former green, as seen below from the backyard. The paints that she choose were perfect and will be easy to clean off with a power washer.

A Taste of Norway Ends the Day

The Careful Painting crew recently completed work on the Jurries’ home, where they ended by adding decorative detail to the kitchen soffits. Jolene used the technique of rosemaling once again, in a pattern designed to fit with the homeowners’ decor.

In fact, the Jurries own an antique bellows, decorated with rosemaling, that they display in their home. Several furniture pieces also feature similar painted decoration.

Outside, the new paint color looks as though it were made for the house, the warmer hue complementing the Jurries’ colorful landscape nicely.

Our first home movie

Rosemaling Front Page News

Apparently I wasn’t the only one impressed by Jolene’s artistry in the work she did on the Larson-Anderson home. Northfield News featured her photo on the front cover of their June 22 edition, above. Since joining Careful Painting in February, Jolene has shown excellent skill in craftsmanship, especially with detail work such as the Rosemaling project.

Having earned her degree in the arts — specializing in painting — from the University of Minnesota in 2003, Jolene has quite a bit of experience with the art form. She also does commissioned portraits and caricatures for clients. Originally from New Prague, Jolene now resides in Le Center with husband Jason and daughter Lana.