Tammy Feldman Interior Repainting Project

When Carleton College Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor of Economics Tammy Feldman purchased this house at 315 Elm Street the walls and woodwork had all been painted gray. The lower ceiling in this room was still a cool teal from the original 1950s color scheme. From Cambridge, Massachusetts, Tammy brought colors that her decorator friend had helped her choose over two years ago. Note the Summerdale Gold on the ceiling. The woodwork has all been primed with Zinsser Oderless Oil bonding primer, followed by two coats of Moore’s Satin Impervo in “White Chocolate.” Here we have the new red birch hardwood floors protected with plastic and heavy canvas.

In the the East facing bedroom Tammy chose Benjamin Moore “Timothy Straw,” again with the White Chocolate accent on the woodwork.

Note the Pella windows with oversized cranks and built-in screens which roll up into the wall when not in use.

We are very excited to help Tammy get comfortable in her first house. Later this summer we will be washing and sealing the exterior redwood.