Cannon Valley Colors Unveiled at Home and Garden Show

Cannon Valley Colors highlighted the Northfield Home and Garden Show at the new Middle School last Saturday. Our unique color pallette, designed by Sarah Mensink and custom formulated by Jolene Robertson, highlights color from our local scenery. Some of my favorites are the deep browns and reds that you also find in Prairie Style Architecture.

Many people stopped by the booth to check out the new pallette. While Careful Painting envisions Cannon Valley Colors as an ongoing project, our selection presently consists of seven hues: Brick Red. Earth Brown, Norwegian Blue, Sandstone Yellow, Southwest Salmon, Nature Green, and Gilded Gold. Of course we also work with colors from various national paint manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore. We can also help your find just the right color to express your own sense of place, of dwelling. Look for more on Cannon Valley Colors in future posts.

Sarah Mensink and Mark Lange

Jolene Robertson

Jolene Roberson has been working with us for about a month now. She has a degree in art, and has experience with painting portraits in oil. She lives with her husband Jason and her daughter Lana in LeCenter. For the Northfield Home and Garden Show on March 26th, I asked her do a little decorative painting on an old chair. The base color is Benjamin Moore 2004-70 “Light Touch.” This she embellished with some Telemark styleRosemaling in artist’s acrylics. For durability we added a coat of Benjamin Moore Stays Clear acrylic polyurethane.

If you come to the Home and Garden Show at the new middle school, stop by our booth and check out the new Cannon Valley Colors palette designed by Sarah Mensink. She has been working hard at pulling colors out of our local scenery. Jolene and Sarah mixed up some samples which will be on display at the show.

East Side Bedroom Restoration

We recently refurbished a bedroom for a good customer. The ceiling in this stately older home on the East Side had been textured during an earlier remodeling. We removed the texture, repaired the cracks, and applied a fresh coat of gypsum joint compound, which we then sanded smooth, primed, and painted.

We sanded the woodwork and primed the new Marvin sashes with Bullseye 1,2,3 primer. The windows, doors and wide baseboard were topcoated with two coats of Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo, “Antique White.” All the paints came from Young’s Paint Center in Dundas. The plaster walls were repaired and finished with two coats of Regal Aquavelvet HC-149, “Buxton Blue.”

The owners wished to refinish the old pine floor which had been carpeted over years earlier. On inspection the existing top coat was delaminating– it had probably been applied over a dirty or glossy surface. The safe choice was to remove this coat, which we did using Moore’s Finish Remover. While we did not have the dust associated with sanding, or the fumes that come with many strippers, we did enounter difficulties removing the old finish.

Here you see Chris Klein scraping the softened paint with a Warner carbide scraper. Chris, Jolene and I worked very hard on this project.
After removing the old topcoat, we washed the floor, filled holes, and applied two coats of M22 Urethane Enamel, HC-154, “Hale Navy.”

The finished room presents a simple and cozy charm, without going to the extreme of gutting the plaster or tearing up the old floor. This project expresses our ideal of Good Stewardship: we honed our old-fashioned painting and decorating craft skills while improving a treasured family home. And we started on a Monday and finished that Friday!

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